1. (0:05) Bạch Đằng: 938
2. (1:34) Little Mermaid: what she had to trade with the witch for her legs?: Voice
3. (3:20) Name a scientist: Issac Newton
4. (5:18) Name a place: Movie Theatre
5. (7:02) Thạch Lam mention this object as “hope”: Train
6. (8:31) Mention 4 sense of a human, hearing, touching, taste, sight, and what?: Smell
7. (10:12) Which ocean is located completely in the north side of the hemisphere: Arctic Ocean
8. (11:14) 2 cities in Japan that The US drop the atomic bombs on: Hiroshima and Nagasaki
9. (12:48) Name an object: Ring
10. (14:15) Name a creature: Dragon
11. (15:48) Name an object: Chopstick
12. (16:59) A sport that Viet Nam won a medal for the first time in Sydney, 2000: Taekwondo
13. (18:20) Canada’s capital city: Ottawa
14. (19:53) Name an object: Puppets
15. (21:42) Name a destination: Big Ben Tower
16. (23:18) A person born in 1928, which animal sign would they be: Dragon
17. (25:05) What do we call a girl with yellow hair: Blonde
18. (26:31) Name a word: Fossil
19. (27:48): Math: 250$


1. (0:19) Name a play of Shakespear: Hamlet
2. (2:30) Name the object needed to make a jack o’lantern: Pumpkin


1. (0:01): Name a Japanese sport: Sumo
2. (0:25): Name a that can fly: Bat
3. (0:51): Which grand slam the players play on clay: The French Open
4. (1:11) Name a legal : Drive license
5. (1:39) Name an animal: Turtle
6. (1:59) Name a trafic tunnel: Hải Vân
7. (2:19) Name a country that share the longest border with Vietnam: Lào
8. (2:35) The last dynasty in Viet Nam: Nguyễn Dynasty
9. (2:49) Name the leaf used to wrap Banh Chung: Banana leaf
10. (3:26) Name a blossom in the South of Viet Nam: Yellow Apricot
11. (3:47) A group of animal with six legs is called: Insect
12. (4:04) Which ocean is located completely in the north side of the hemisphere: Arctic Ocean


1. (0:01) Name a person range fifth in the world in Badminton: Nguyễn Tiến Minh
2. (0:20) The rise and fall of sea level: Tide
3. (0:44) Math: 50km/h
4. (1:07) Name the largest natural lake in Viet Nam: Ba Bể Lake
5. (1:20) Name the city held the Internation Firework Competition: Đà Nẵng
6. (1:36) Math about time: 4:15
7. (1:53) Name a country: Brazil
8. (2:11) Name a city: Ho Chi Minh City
9. (2:29) Name an organization established in 1995, 2007 Viet Nam became a member: WTO
10. (2:51) Name a country in Europe, home to Bethoven, hold FiFa World 4 times: German
11. (3:13) ASEAN was founded in 1965 in Thailand, how many countries founded ASEAN: 5
12. (3:28) Name a Russian writer, his famous book is “War and Peace”: Lev Nikolayevich Tolstol


1. (0:01) Haikyuu comes from: Japan
2. (0:18) The most popular sport in USA: Baseball
3. (0:44) A device, small enough to use on the lap: Laptop
4. (1:04) Seat math: 6
5. (1,23) A tool needed to cut things: scissors
6. ( 1:44) Country hosted the first Sea Game: Thái
7. (1:59) Name an object: Helmet
8. (2,18) Name a novel: Gone with the wind (Cuốn theo chiều gió)
9. (2:36) Name a subject related to Issac Newton: Physics
10. (2:57) The national symbol of Canada: Maple leaves
11. (3:24) An animal with long body, has no arms or legs: Snake
12. (3:42) Name the author of the novel “The last leaf”: O.Henry


1. (0:01) Which province the Phansipan loctated: Lào Cai
2. (0:20) Name the object that tells direction: Compass
3. (0:42) How many time have the Oscar been held: 89
4. (0:58) What Chelsea are from: London
5. (1:22) Story about picture: Comic
6. (1:44) Which one touch the ground first: London
7. (1:58) Math: 5
8. (2:12) Math: 18


1. (0:01) Northern, Đồng Văn highland, which province: Hà Giang
2. (0:19) Name a sport: Badminton
3. (0:42) Name a tunnel in Quang Trị: Vịnh tunnel
4. (1:00) Name the country of Cans film festival: France
5. (1:22) Imaginary animal: Dragon
6. (1:43) Vietnamese athletics, shooter, won gold medal: Hoàng Xuân Vinh
7. (2:28) Name a subject: Biology


1. (0:12) Physics, the things that make things fall: Gravity or Gravitation
2. (2:39) 4 basic calculation, addition, substraction, multiplication: Devision


1. (0:19) Country that Tai Ma temple located: India
2. (2:08)

The important organ that keep us alive, beats 70 times/minute – Heart

Precious metal, yellow, ladies like to wear it on their fingers – Gold

Badminton, win 2 in 3 matches. How many points you normaly need to get to win a match? – 42 points

How many bones do sharks have in their bodies – zero bone, only cartilage (sụn)

Which galaxy planet Earth is located in? – The milky way

In what country did the first Industrial Revolution take place? – Great Britain

An animal was sent in space, its name is Laika, what was the first animal to be sent in space? – Dog

One of my favourite stories is about Mai An Tien . Tell me which fruit did he find in this story? – Watermelon

What is the name of the symbol or design that companies often use to help me recognise? – Logo

Sometimes following a big earthquake, a large wave of water comes on land and causes a lot of destruction. What is the name that is given to this big wave? – Tsunami

Some countries in the world require you to get a special document before you go in order to enter the countries. What is the name of this document? – Passport

I got a really cool gift that allows me to get a better look at objects in the space, like stars or planets. Now, what is the name of the scientific instrument? – Telecoscope

What do we celebrate on 8.3? – International Women’s Day

I take photographs of the internal organs and bones of my patients. What is the name of the photograph? – X-ray

Human activities has effect on the climate. What does the scientific term frequently use to describe these changes? – Global warming

What was the nationality of the first person to walk on the moon in 1969? – American

“Tofu” . Do you know what this food is usually made of? – soy bean

He said his country is famous for tulip flowers and windmills, what country is my brother living in? Netherland

PC is a term commonly used to describe all type of computer including desktop or laptop. What PC stands for? – Personal computer

In this country, i can visit many famous pyramids, and see many camels. Do you know where i’m going? Egypt

What is the name of the legal document? – Driving license