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1. How did you feel for the first time you came to the city?

2. What come up to your mind when you think about a city? List all the things you may see in a city

3. Can you tell me some mega cities in your country?

4. Do you like to live in a city or in a country? Why?


1. In which ways is the life in the city different from in the country?

2. What are advantages and disadvantages of living in the city?

3. Do you like to live in a country or in the city now?

4. Do you like to live in a country or in the country if you are old?

5. What are some problems in the city?

6. What are some factors making city worth to live?


1. Have you ever had a pet? What did you name them?

2. Do you know any other kinds of pet?

3. Do you like dogs or cats?

4. Keeping a cat and keeping a dog, which is more difficult?

5. Can you describe a pet dog (cat) that you love very much?

6. What do you think are the roles of pets in our lives?

7. Can you keep a pet in your house?


1. What is a pet? The characteristics of each pet

2. The role of pets in our lives. Do you think we need pets?

3. The benefits of having a pet dog

4. The disadvantages and difficulties when having a pet dog

5. The benefits of having a pet cat

6. The disadvantages and difficulties when having a pet cat

7. Which species can also be pet?

8. Some people say it’s better to keep expensive breeds of dogs like Golden Retriever, Husky, Big Ass Corgi compared to normal Vietnamese breed. Do you agree or disagree?

9. Is it more difficult to raise a pet in Vietnam compared to other countries?

10. Why do people say “Dogs are human’s best friends”?


1.       Can you name some types of accommodation?

2.       Do you live in a house or an apartment?

3.       Can you describe your house?

4.       How many rooms are there in your house?

5.       What things are there in your room/ living room/kitchen room…?


1.       Describe your current accommodation.

2.       Describe your ideal accommodation in the future.

3.       In the future, will more and more people live in apartments?

4.       In which ways is living in an apartment different from living in a house?

5.       The pros and cons of living in an apartment?

6.       What are the pros and cons of living in a house?

7.       Do you know how to improve the living standard of the residents of apartments?

8.       What benefits can a garden bring to people living in a house?

9.       How can you find a good place to live when you study in university?


1.       Have you ever thought about owning a business? What kind of business is that?

2.       Do you know any successful start-ups?


1.       The pros and cons of having a start up?

2.       Some young people prefer having a start up to working in an office? What is the reason behind that preference? Should we start up after we graduate?

3.       What are the factors which contribute to the success of a star-ups?

4.       Who are more likely to be successful when they start up? Young people or people in their middle ages.

5.       How can we start a business?

6.       Should we have a business plan?


1.       Do you like watching film? Why?

2.       List types of films that you know

3.       What genre of film do you like the most?

4.       Who is your favorite actor/actress?

5.       Has your taste in films changed over the years?

6.       How often do you visit cinema for watching films?


1.       What are the benefits of watching films?

2.       In which way can films have negative effects on us?

3.       Do you think age restrictions for films are effective?

4.       Do you think that films shown in cinemas should have an educational value?

5.       Some people say it’s much better to watch a movie at home rather than in a cinema. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to the cinema?

6.       As the technology for home viewing improves, do you think people will stop going to the cinema in future?

7.       How do you think about the development of film industry in Vietnam?


1.       What is mental health? Is it important to our life?

2.       What is stress? How many sources that can lead to stress?

3.       Have you ever felt stressed? Why?

4.       What is different between stress and depression?

5.       Is there any noticeable symptoms to know if someone gets depression?


2.       How does stress affect health?

3.       What are the warning signs of stress?

4.       How do you get help when you feel stressed for a short period of time? When you feel stressed in a long-term or even overload?

5.       How can stress turns into depression?

6.       What are common symptoms of depression?

7.       Who is more likely to get depression?

8.       What treatments are available for depression?

9.       How to relieve stress and depression?

10.     Can stress and depression be prevented?


1. Do you have many close friends?

2. Do you think friendship is important?

3. What kind of people do you like to have as friend?

4. Are most of your friends from school or from outside school?

5. How often do you meet with your friends?

6. What do you and your friends do together?

7. What is the thing that you dislike about your friend?


1.       What are the important qualities of a good friend?

2.       What are the benefits of having friends?

3.       Is it easy to make friends now as compared to the past?

4.       How to keep friendships?

5.       The role of friendship in our lives

6.       Is it better to have a few good friends or many different friendships?

7.       What is the difference between a friend and an acquaintance?

8.       Is it possible for men and women to be just good friends?


1.       What’s your greatest achievement?

2.       Were you proud of it?

3.       What did you do to achieve it?

4.       What’s your greatest failure?

5.       How did you deal with it?

6.       Do you think you will repeat it in the future?


1.       What do you think defines as success?

2.       What traits and characteristics do you think successful people have? Why do you think so?

3.       Does success depend on luck or the individual’s abilities?

4.       Is success necessary for the development of an individual?

5.       What do you think defines as failure?

6.       How can one face failure and learn from it?

7.       Do failures happen because of unluckiness or because of an individual’s inabilities?

8.       Is failure necessary for the development of an individual?


1.       Do you like watching TV? Why?

2.       How much time do you spend watching TV?

3.       When do you usually watch TV?

4.       List types of TV programs

5.       Do you prefer to watch TV alone or with others (or with friends/family)? Why?

6.       What television channels are you interested in?

7.       What do most people watch TV for?


1.       What benefits do you get from watching television?

2.       What are the negative effects of watching TV?

3.       Do you think TV is the main way for people to get the news in your country? What other ways are there?

4.       Has television changed your life in any way?

5.       Should TV play a role in educating children? How?

6.       How does television violence affect children’s behavior?

7.       Some people believe that reading stories from a book is better than watching TV. Do you agree or disagree?


1.       When and how much free time do you have in a week?

2.       How do you like to relax at the end of the day?

3.       Do you have any hobbies or interests? What are they?

4.       What are some activities you enjoy in your leisure time?

5.       Who do you generally spend our leisure time with?

6.       What leisure activities would you try in the future?


1.       What can we learn from hobbies? Why is it important to have hobbies?

2.       How hobbies benefit the development of children? What fun and light activities can eventually become children’s hobbies?

3.       Do you think that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable?

4.       What changes do you think technologies has brought in the way people enjoy their leisure activities?

5.       Why You Should Make Leisure Activities Part of Your Life?

6.       Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational, otherwise they are a complete waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?


1.       Do you live in a noisy place?

2.       Do you think there’s too much noise in modern society?

3.       What is noise and noise pollution?

4.       What types of noise do you come across in your daily life?


1. What are the causes of noise pollution?

2. What are the impact of noise pollution on human?

3. Do you think noise pollution can affect animal’s life?

4. What are the effective and practical ways to reduce noise pollution?

5. Some people say that “Noise mostly comes from factories and transportation, which is necessary for our society. Thus, we should put up with it”. To what extend do you agree?

6. Industries cause much noise. Should rural areas be industrialized?


1.        What is a smartphone?

2.        Do you have a smartphone? What kind of smartphone do you use?

3.        How many hours per day do you use smartphone?

4.        What do you usually use your smartphone for?

    ( call, surf the net, use facebook, search information,… )

5.        What feature of your smartphone do you like the best?


1.       How have the smartphones revolutionized our life?

2.       How positively do smartphones affect our life?

3.       What are the advantages of smartphone? 

4.       How does smartphone addiction have a negative effect on our life?

5.       Do you think the smartphone has impacted on the economic development? Why/Why not?

6.       What are influences of the smartphone on children’s development? How should parents control their children’s smartphone use to help them develop comprehensively?

7.       Some people argue that technological inventions, such as smartphones, are making people socially less interactive. Do you agree or disagree?


1.       What types of public transportation can be found in your country?

2.       How often do you take buses? Which bus do you often take?

3.       How do you feel about public transportation in VietNam?

4.       Which do you prefer public transport or private transportation?

5.       What do you use public transportation for?

6.       Do you use public transport for travelling on holiday? To visit other cities/regions? What form of public transport do you prefer to use?


1.       What are the benefits of public transportations and how it affects our lives?

2.       What are the pros and cons of using public transportation compared to other private vehicles?

3.       What are the disadvantages of public transport in Vietnam? What could the government do to improve the bus service and encourage people to use buses?

4.       Do you think that public transport supports the business and tourism in cities? How?

5.       Some people think it is more important to spend money on roads and motorways than on public transport systems. To what extend do you agree?


1.       What do you do to keep fit?

2.       How often do you play sports?

3.       What’s the most popular sports in your country?

4.       Do you prefer individual sports or team sports?

5.       What’s your favorite sport?

6.       Where do people in your country go to play sports?

7.       What kind of sports would you like to try in the future?

8.       Which sports do you think are best for people who aren’t used to physical activity?


“1.        What are the benefits of playing sports? Why do you think sport is important?

2.        Do you think we should practice sports as much as possible? What are the consequences if you exercise excessively?

3.        At what age should a child start playing sports? How sports impact on children’s psychological and physical development ?

4.        Do you think that students should spend time entirely on learning instead of other activities like playing sports. Why/why not? What are the benefits of sports to students?

5.        Some people think that it is more beneficial to take part in sports which are played in teams, like football, while other people think that taking part in individual sports, like tennis or swimming, is better. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


1.        Do you know any tourist destinations in Vietnam? Tell me something about each of them.

2.        Do you like to travel? Why?

3.        Describe a short trip you have made.

4.        Have you ever traveled to another country?”


1.        Do you know any benefits of travelling?

2.        Should we travel alone or with a group of people and a tour guide?

3.        What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling to another country?

4.        What should we prepare before we travel to a different country?

5.        Should we travel by taking an airplane or coach or by motorbike?

6.        Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by motorbike?

7.        What can you learn after a trip?


1. What is a part-time job?

2. Have you done any part-time jobs?

3. Can you name some common part-time jobs nowadays?

4. Talk about someone you know who does a part-time job.


1.       What do you think students should do to balance their working-studying life?

2.       What are the effects of part time jobs on high school students?

3.       What do a part time job as well as a full time job require, in your opinion?

4.       What are some pros and cons of working part-time?

5.       What do students should consider when deciding to do a part time job?

6.       What part time jobs do you think are most chosen by students?

7.       Supposed you were a parent and your children wanted to get a part time job, would you allow them?


1.What do you do?

2. What are your responsibilities?

3. Why did you choose to do that type of work (or, that job)?

4. Is there some other kind of work you would rather do?

 5. Do you enjoy your work?

6. What do you like/dislike about your job?

7. List some other jobs that you know.


“1.     Do you think job satisfaction is more important than salary when choosing a job?

2.       What skills do you think are needed to get a good job these days beside certifications? Why?

3.       It’s is said that « Women should be able to do all the same jobs that men do» what do you think about this statement?

4.       How has technology changed the way we work?

5.       What is the difference between white collar and blue collar jobs? Do you think blue collar jobs are still underrated?

6.       What jobs do you think are most valuable to society?

7.       How do new graduates get work experience when basically every job requires work experience?

8.       Do you think certification required to success factor? Can’t we get the job without certification?


1.        Have you ever been to a farm?

2.        What animals did you see there?

3.        Do people grow any crops in your hometown?

4.        What animals are raised in your hometown?

5.        What is a farm? Can you describe a farm in your imagination

6.        Do you like to live and work on a farm?


1.       The history of farming and the roles of farming in our lives?

2.       Why agriculture is so important to our lives?

3.       How the technological advances have changed the agriculture?

4.       What is organic farming?

5.       Can the modern agriculture sustain the whole population of the planet?

6.       Does agriculture have any impact on our environment? Is it positive or negative?

7.       Do you think agriculture in your country is clean?


1.How often do you go shopping for food? For clothes? For cosmetics?

2.Where do you often go to shop for food, clothes, cosmetics,….?

3. Have you ever purchased something on the Internet?

4.Were you satisfied with what you bought?

5. Do you prefer to buy products online or go shopping in person? Why?

6. Have you ever bought a faulty item on online shopping sites?


1.Tell me some e-commerce sites in Vietnam and what you know about them?

2.Do you know any marketing strategies those ecommerce sites use?

3.What are advantages of online shopping?

4. What are disadvantages of shopping on e-commerce webs?

5. What do you think of the prospect of e-commerce?

6. Is shopping online really safe? Why?

7. What are some problems that we may face when shopping online?


1.        What do you often do with your used plastic products (bottles, plates, utensils…) ?

2.        Tell us what you know about plastic waste problem

3.        Do you recycle ?

4.        Do you know any alternatives to plastic ?

5.        Why is plastic so popular ?

6.        Do you know any method to reduce our plastic usage ?


1.       What is plastic waste ?

2.       Why plastic waste is a problem ?

3.       How can we reduce plastic waste in daily life?

4.       Are there any ways to recycle plastic waste? How?

5.       How do we deal with plastic waste ?

6.       Do you know any impacts of plastic waste ?

7.       Is plastic waste problem as important as other issues such as global warming or climate change ?


1. What do you know about pollution?

2. Are you often concerned about pollution issues?

3. How many types of pollution are there?

4. What are the effects of pollution?

5. What are some ways that you can reduce pollution in your country?


1.       What is pollution?

2.       How many types of pollution?

3.       Which type of environmental pollution is most dangerous for humans? Why?

4.       How can pollution affect our health?

5.       Do you agree to achieve economic development costing a significant environmental pollution? Why?

6.       Do you think we can contribute to control environmental pollution? And what is the most important solution?

7.       Does pollution reduce human’s life span?

8.       What are solutions to reduce pollution?

9.       To avoid environmental pollution with plastic bags used for shopping, the best solution is to recycle or replace them with biodegradable materials?


1.What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘zoo’?

2.Do you like to go to the zoo? Why?

3.How often do you go to the zoo? What do you do when you go there?

4. What was the last news story you heard about a zoo

5. Do you think animals know they are in zoo?


1.       What are the advantages of zoos?

2.       What are the disadvantages of zoos?

3.       What purpose does zoo serve?

4.       From where do zoos acquire their animals?

5.       What happens to the animals that die in zoo? Is it different from dying in the wild?

6.       Which place is better for animals, the zoo or the jungle? Why?

7.       Is it ethical to put animals in zoo? Why?

8.       What are some examples of animals treated badly in zoo?

9.       Is zoo more beneficial than harmful to animals?

10.     Many people believe that zoos are cruel and should be shut. However, there are plenty of people who support zoos and enjoy what they have to offer. What do you think about this?


1.       Have you seen the ocean? Where and when ?

2.       How much do you like the ocean?

3.       What is your impression about the ocean

4.       What kind of activities can people do by the ocean?

5.       What benefits that the ocean provides human?

6.       How is the state of the ocean now?


1.       What is the role of ocean in our lives?

2.       Do you think what problems that ocean is facing?

3.       What do you think is the relationship between humans and the ocean?

4.       What problems do humans cause for the ocean?

5.       Should saving the ocean be the responsibility of only the government?

6.       Why is it important to protect the ocean?

7.       How should we educate children to save the ocean?

8.       What is your prediction about the future of the ocean?


10.     Do you know where electricity come from ? Water, Nuclear or Fossil Fuels ?

11.     What is the cheapest energy source?

12.     What are the cleanest energy sources?

13.     Do you think energy is important?

14.     Which is the most dangerous energy source: Nuclear or Fossil Fuels ?

15.     What is the safest source of energy?

16.     What is the most sustainable energy?

17.     What do you think about the alternative energy resources? Wind, Solar and Wave energy

18.     Is it important to save energy? Why or Why not?


1.       How does solar energy compare to other forms of energy?

2.       Should we use renewable energy? Why?

3.       What are the pros and cons of renewable?

4.       What are the limitations of wind energy as a source of energy to convert into electrical energy for general use?

5.       What is energy conservation and why is it important?

6.       What do you think about the future of energy resources?

7.       Describe a source of energy you know?

8.       Are we using our energy resources efficiently?

9.       Compare two kind of energy?